The Green Part of Keeping Things Clean and Green

GrassSoGreen Grass So Green Fertigation Irrigation FertilizerFertigation is the term professional nurserys use for feeding fertilizaer to their plants through an irrigation system.

GrassSoGreen is out answer to fertigation for smaller scale home sprinkler systems. It's the ideal way to fertilize you lawn! Unlike granular fertilizers, GrassSoGreen cannot burn your grass. The steady stream of small quantities of nutrient avoids the cycle of bloom and bust. No more opening bags and pushing a spreader around - you can snooze and fertalize simultaneously.

The GrassSoGreen fertigation system is even recommended by the environmentally concerned folks like the friends of Maitland's Waterways in Maitland, Florida, who discourage the use of granular fertalizers that can pollute nearby lakes and streams.

Advanced Irrigation and Hydroseeding Inc. is a dealer for GrassSoGreen irrigation fertilizer and services the Alexandria Minnesota Central Lakes Area in west central Minnesota. Give us a call today at 320-762-9500.