Bug Slug Pest Repellent

Bug Slug Safe Pest Repellent

Bug Slug Colloidal Pest Control has potent control of mosquitoes, aphids, flies, ticks, and arthropods—it exhibits control activity against larval, pupae and adult stages of specific insect species while posing no threat to humans and animals or the flora and fauna.

  • Bug Slug is eco-friendly & will not harm grass, plants, people, or pets.
  • Unlike other products, insects cannot build a resistance to Bug Slug.
  • Bug Slug is made from natural ingredients.
  • Used in the Skeet-R-Gone system, back pack sprayers, hand sprayers, hose-on adaptors, & cold foggers.
Bug Slug Insect Repellent Container

This product immediately impacts on contact, the exoskeleton structure of arthropods by disrupting the molecular structure of the chitin and other protein substances that protect insects. Its mechanism of action triggers the rapid and irreversible deterioration of the insects’ spiracles and tracheal system resulting in suffocation in the case of the adult mosquitoes, beetles, mites, ticks, and wood borers.

Bug Slug Colloidal Pest Control is exceptionally powerful, safe, and readily biodegradable. Colloidal Chemistry creates Nano-sized particles called “colloidal micelles” that are invisible to the naked eye. One nanometer = one-billionth of a meter = 1/80,000 the width of a human hair! Micelles are sub-microscopic, electrically charged particles that, when activated in water, repel each other in a ceaseless random movement. Micelles in liquid solution measure only 2 to 4 nanometers in size, 50 to one hundred times smaller than the particles created from typical pest control solutions.

Unlike standard insecticides in use today, no built-in resistance can be developed by the targeted insects since this new product does not act on their nervous system, but rather on their respiratory apparatus. Another major benefit of this revolutionary method of insect control is the absence of undesirable side effects on human health and the ecosystem.

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  • Agricultural
  • Barns
  • Parks
  • Dairy barns
  • Farms and Stables
  • Marinas
  • Fair Grounds
  • Food Processing Areas
  • Homes
  • Yards
  • Porches
  • Livestock Facilities
  • Pesticide Free
  • Requires no pesticide applicators license
  • High Performance
  • Reduces regulatory liability
  • Contains no WHIMS regulated ingredients
  • Improved Worker Safety
  • Made from renewable natural resources
  • Will not harm grass or plants
  • Reduction in expensive disposal methods
  • Reduced health risks to public & employees
  • Highly concentrated
  • Does not react with other chemistries
  • Safe for fabrics
This Product is:
  • Bio-Based
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Non-Toxic to Humans and Animals
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Non-Caustic
  • Non-Flammable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made from plants / vegetables
This Product Does Not Contain:
  • Ozone Depleting Substances
  • Synthetics
  • Terpenes
  • Petroleum Distillates
  • Glycol Ethers
  • Caustics
  • Builders & Reagents
  • California Proposition 65 Chemicals
Benifits of Bug Slug:
  • Effectiveness – Bug Slug Colloidal Pest Control has been engineered to be extremely effective at removing many types of insects
  • Residual Effect – unlike pesticides and other harsh chemicals, Bug Slug Colloidal Pest Control will help keep insects away for up to 30 days when properly applied.
  • Safety – made from natural ingredients that will not harm your home, family, or pets.
  • Technology – our products are created through colloidal chemistry, an off-shoot of nanotechnology, that enables the use of natural plant extracts to deliver products that were not possible a few short years ago.
  • Easy of Use – Bug Slug Colloidal Pest Control is packaged as concentrate and is easily diluted with plain water to make it ready to use (RTU) with straightforward directions so that the professional or the property owner can complete the job.

Bug Slug is the recommended product to be used in the Skeet-R-Gone injection system. However, Bug Slug can be used in hand sprayers, backpack sprayers, hose on adapters, and cold foggers.

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